BodyGard S36 50ml

VOC Free Premium Glass Coating for painted automotive body. BodyGard-S36 is non-toxic & low solvent composition. BodyGard-S36 will not deteriorate with weather nor ultraviolet rays. Guaranteed no more waxing for the next 3 years.


Durability : 36 months & above

Applicable Surface : Body Only

Curing Time : 24 hours for surface drying / 7 days fully cure

Average Consumption / Car : 30-50ml

Layer : Multiple for higher gloss

Thickness : 2 -4.5 Micron

Contact Angle : >100 degree

Hardness : 8 – 9H  (Depends on amount of layer applied)

Directions for use

Use TEVO Cleaner & Polishing Series to remove any scratches, water spot, scale and iron particles. Rinse off the degreaser completely with water. Make sure the surface is completely dry. Iron particles removal and polishing steps is crucial to maximize the performance & glossiness of the coating.

Step 1 : (Coating)

Soak the coating onto the application sponge or dry application tissue/towel. Apply small section at a time by dragging the coating horizontally (Left to Right) once and vertically (Top to Bottom) once. Make sure the coating covers every part of the surface.

Step 2 : (Buffing)

Immediately, use a microfiber cloth to buff the coated surface, do not pressurize the buffing process. Buff off completely until there is no visible striking or lining. (If you have hard time buffing off the striking and lining, recoat the particular surface again with step 1)

Step 3 : (Finish)

Wait for a minimum of 60 minutes for the coating to cure and bond with your surface; for best performance, allowing the coating to cure for 24 hours. Try to rinse through the surface with water and you will notice the amazing water beading and hydrophobicity results. If you wish to apply a second layer, Repeat Step 1 to 3 after 60 minutes.

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