Soft Launch of TEVO Unilize



A new product namely Unilize has been developed to provide effective bacteria & viruses barrier on multiple surfaces; it is a paraben and formaldehyde-free disinfectant coating. The coating consisted of chlorinated BZK compound, jointly with existing coating technology, crosslinked polymerization formed. In layman term, a Nano scaled  thickness of film will be formed on the surface when Unilize is sprayed and it will bond with anti-microbial materials. TEVO Unilize will actively eliminate bacteria and able last up to fourteen days.

The main advantage of Unilize is great duration of active period given the item is selling at affordable price. Basically, the general disinfectant spray that available in the market is working as “one-time deal” anti-bacterial spray and it does not have certain duration of active period. In other words, the spray is able to eliminate the bacteria immediately once it is applied; nevertheless, the ingredients will evaporate soon after it is sprayed. As a result, it leaves the surface vulnerable to bacteria once again.

All of us may eliminate bacteria continuously for fourteen days with only spraying TEVO Unilize for a few times. During the SARS period, this would serve as perfect solution for that moment. Unfortunately, we did not have such solution at that period and a lot of us used bleach to eliminate the bacteria with multiples appilcation within a day. TEVO Unilize is also effective against common viruses like influenza, bird flu, H5N5, H1N1, HIV, HCV, Rotavirus, and etc. In short, TEVO’s disinfectant spray will provide everyone with a safer and better place to live. Kindly refer to the image at below for the test result from our local laboratory.


USP 51 is a worldwide recognized testing method for international pharmaceutical evaluations and effectiveness level measurement purpose.



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