TEVO Frequently Asked Questions

An indoor and closed area with room temperature and minimal air flow would be ideal for the installation. Please do not point the air conditioner vent at newly applied coating before the buffing.

Standard preparations such as wash, clay, polish with non-oil based compound, BodyScrub, rinse the car again and dry the surface.

First, you should drip 6 drops of the coating onto the application sponge, start from drawing the frame, apply it horizontally for once, and then apply it vertically for once. You may always top up the coating if the application sponge starts to get dry.

This is the most common mistake made by new user because they only wait 1 minute or direct buff it after the application. In this case, there is barely any coating left on the surface by the time he finishes buffing it because the coating is still wet and most of it get absorbed away by the microfiber cloth. The wait time before buffing is the key to durability and performance of coating.

Generally, we would advise clients to wait from minimum 5 to 15 minutes depending on their surroundings. Humidity, air flow, and temperature are the main factors that affecting the waiting time. Beginner should always start from 5 minutes and adjust accordingly based on the mentioned factors. For an instance, they may wait 7 minutes if the coating is still “wet” by the time they start to buff it after 5 minutes.

A hint for all the new users: you may always use your finger tip to touch the coating before buff it and determine whether it is still too fast to buff.

Buff the coating in circular motion by using clean and dry microfiber cloth without adding any pressure or force. Excessive force or pressure might remove the coating and leads to poor result. You will need to buff 2 or 3 times to remove all of streak lines.

We advise client to apply minimum 2 layers and maximum 3 layers for car body. Anything more than 4 layers would be too thick for car body, it minimizes the elongation and leads to cracking issue. However, 1 layer of coating is sufficient for glass surface, plastic surface, and metal/chrome surface.

Minimum of 2 to 4 hours are required before applying the second or third layer of coating. It takes a few hours for the surface to cure and form a solid layer before we can apply the next layer.

Yes, you may use infrared curing light to speed by up the surface curing by 40 to 50% and shorten the waiting time for next layer of coating. Anyhow, a full cure still requires 7 days no matter how.

Quartz based coating takes 7 days for full cure. Products like LeatherGard and UniGard-S06 take 24 hours for full cure.

Advisable to wait for 7 days before the first car wash and no water contact within 24 hours after the coating is applied.

A coated car should be washed regularly. Tree resin or bird poo must be removed as soonest as you could. All the coating serves as extra layer of protection to the car paint but not bullet proof.

Not recommended as TEVO Glass Coating is applied by using application sponge. The other brand applies 9 layers of coating because they install it by using High Press Low Volume Spray Gun, as a result, the output is extremely fine, like fog, and minimal of volume. Each layer of applied TEVO Glass Coating is equivalent to 2 to 4 layers of those applied by using High Press Low Volume Spray Gun.

Each product comes with different elongation and hardness. TEVO chemists adjust the ratio of ingredients in every formula to achieve the optimal level and to match with different type of surface. Kindly refer to product catalogue for more info on hardness of each product. In general, the hardness of TEVO Glass Coatings ranging from 6H to 9H pencil scale hardness. Yes, our BodyGard 9H is certified by SGS.

Every product has different durability and you may refer to product catalogue for specific info of each product.

Yes, you may use other application sponge/pad and cloth if it is free from dust, free from contaminated particles, and dry.

Highly recommended to store in closed area with no direct sunlight and room temperature.

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