MetalScrub 50ml

Special formulated abrasive scrub for metal and aluminum surfaces. Metal scrub helps to remove your oxidized metal surfaces and restore your metal surface with CHROME MIRROR finishing.

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Durability : 12 months & above

Applicable Surface : Metal, Aluminums & Stainless Steel

Curing Time : 3 hrs (24 hrs fully cured)

Average Consumption / Car : N/A

Layer : Multiple

Thickness : 2 – 4.5 Micron

Contact Angle : >100 degree

Hardness : Above 9H  (Depends on amount of layer applied)

Directions for use

Wipe surface clean of dust or stains. Make sure are is dried completely before application.

Step 1 : (Coating)

Soak the coating onto the application sponge or dry application tissue/towel. Apply small section at a time by dragging the coating horizontally (Left to Right) once and vertically (Top to Bottom) once. Make sure the coating covers every part of the surface.

Step 2 : (Buffing)

Immediately, use a microfiber cloth to buff the coated surface, do not pressurize the buffing process. Buff off completely until there is no visible striking or lining. (If you have hard time buffing off the striking and lining, recoat the particular surface again with step 1)

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